What's Blog Got to Do with It?

How blogging can help your small business grow when you're strapped for time and cash.

Join us in this 30-min workshop to jump start your blogging!

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What Blogging CAN and CAN'T Do for You

Blogging is not a silver bullet fix for all your lead generation woes. There are distinct reasons you should use blogging as a tactic and we'll show you what those are along with several bad reasons to blog (hint, most small businesses tend to fall into this trap - we can get you out!).


The Realities of Blogging (Big Reality Check Time)

It is possible to have a blog program for a small business that doesn’t give you a headache or cost you a small fortune.


The Side-Effects of Blogging

No, not like a rash. These side effects are little added bonuses that come with a great content strategy that benefit you long after your blog post is published.


How to Use Blogging Effectively

You'll walk away excited and empowered to use blogging to reach and engage with your customers and prospects now that you know exactly what the power of blogging can do for you and your company.

"I couldn't understand why everyone was so focused on blogging and content marketing. I get it now. Thanks to this workshop I'll be launching my own blog within the month."

Amber P.

Are you struggling to see results from your blogging efforts?

If you're already blogging but failing to see any meaningful results, this workshop is for you. We'll set expectations on what blogging can, and can't do, for your business. If you're already underway, you'll still walk away with some tactics to improve your process. 

If you haven't launched your blog yet, this value-packed workshop is perfect to help you get started and avoid some pitfalls especially when it comes to expectations around your ROI.

A Note From Your Coach...

Writing a blog post can pretty much make you want to throw your laptop out the window. Trust me, I've been there many times. 

We watched our clients struggle over the years, paralyzed by the title alone. It doesn't have to be like that anymore. 

We start by walking you through what blogging can and can't do for your business. If you understand the purpose and realities of it, it suddenly becomes much less scary. 

Join me as we unravel how blogging can help you and your business without the ridiculously high price tag or spending hours stewing over just the right keywords.

WATCH ON DEMAND (No Registration Required)

You're On Your Way...

...to breathing easy about blogging. We'll walk you through what you need to know to make it work for your business so you don't waste time or money.

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